About Us

Dee Potion

About Us

Dee'Potion was established in 2017.

Due to my daughter having the curly hair but not the length I was wanting for her, she was only 5 months old at the time when I started looking and researching ways to get her hair the length and thickness I was looking for. I tried many products until my I created my own special recipe now my baby has hair down her back at just 5 years old!

Back in 2019 is when I did the big chop due to heat damage and now in 2022 my hair is back down my back as well!

Many people have doubted my products because of me and my daughter's hair texture but that had nothing to do with the reason our hair has grown so much. Just because you have a softer texture of hair, doesn't mean it is better than the next in regards to length and thickness and it also doesn't exclude you from coming across hair and scalp problems like everyone else!

ALL HAIR IS BEAUTIFUL, no matter the texture, thickness or length! My oils and shampoo/conditioner bars work for ALL hair types and the reviews speak for themselves! My products is extremely kid friendly and works well on both men and women!